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The Winter Capsule 2015 is the first in a series of two, being followed up by the Spring Summer 16 collection. The inspiration for the collections is based on migration. Moving from one place to another. Packing up all your belongings; get rid of all the unnecessary and only being left with the essential – or with nothing. A new place - new people - an empty room - no memories – sterile. This mood was together with a study of the carton boxes and their cubic forms the base for the development of the AW15. The designer has thrived to transform the forms from these objects to the body, and in the AW15 collection it is shown in the garments through the use of flat panels creating a boxy shape on the body in a discreet way. When seen from certain angles these panels disappear into one single line, similar to the cubic forms. 

Photography: Ellin Anderegg


Hair and Make-Up: Laura Moser, Make It Up Agency


Model: Patrizia, Fotogen Models