Our childrenswear is made with a loose fit for it to last for a longer period. On trousers and shorts, the waistband is made with adjustable elastic so you can fit this to your child's measurements. 

Our size range for childrenswear is 

0/6 M 

6/12 M 

1/2 Y 

2/3 Y 

4/5 Y 

6/7 Y



Our children's garments are made so they will fit your child for a longer period. When buying size 1/2 Y the sleeves or legs will typically be folded the first period, and as they child grows older you will unfold the hems.


0/6 M - double folded at 0 months, unfolded at 6 months

6/12 M - double folded at 6 months, unfolded at 12 months

1/2 Y - double folded at 1 year, unfolded at 2 years

2/3 Y - double folded at 2 year, unfolded at 3 years

4/5 Y - double folded at 4 year, unfolded at 5 years

6/7 Y - double folded at 6 year, unfolded at 7 years