moving the thought of how we dress today the concept of clothing we live in one one world one life one day our lives merge continuously keep moving not divided into sections one trouser moving with you being a part of you a part of your identity



Moe offers contemporary collections with a strong focus on high quality, both in the use of materials and the production, ensuring exclusive garments. 

Henriette Moe Winsnes started her career as a Civil Engineer in Oslo after graduating from Oslo University College in 2008. After two years working in the engineering industry, she continued her journey in Denmark, where she graduated with a Bachelors Degree in Fashion Design from Teko Center Denmark / VIA Design in 2013. Her mixed background is of great importance for the creative work of the label.  The initial crafting and the construction of the garments are key elements in the design process of every collection. Moe aims to solve technical challenges though her work with the collections, and techniques from engineering are merged with fashion designing and progressive pattern cutting. 


The collections spin around the formal wardrobe, making this less formal by adding edge, special characteristics and Moe’s technical signature.

Studio address:

Tweede Leeghwaterstraat 5b 
1018 RA Amsterdam

The Netherlands