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AW18 presentation            Sabine Rovers x Moe Oslo SS18             Eva Roefs x Moe Oslo SS18


Henriette Moe, designer of Moe Oslo, makes wearable garments and Eva Roefs focus on

everyday situations in her photography. Both have a creative goal to create new perspectives, respectively, on the classic wardrobe and daily situations.

Through a photo series consisting of six images, Eva Roefs and Henriette Moe are investigating the impact a fashion shoot without faces will have. Though their collaboration they understood the impact a garment can have when not being worn by a model, but standing alone as an object. Through the photography serie you clearly see the power clothing has. Although there is no person wearing the garments, there are still clear characteristics and you get a sense of a personalty. Clothing is more then just a layer of fabric.


“In general, people have a tendency to not really see daily objects fully for what they are or can be. Everything around us is designed, and clothing, in particular, is something people connect with every day and we wish to get people to see everyday object with new perspectives”, says Eva and Henriette.

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